Problem with Zigbee Osram Led Stripe Configuration

Hi everyone,
recently I got my zigbee led stripe for the provider Osram. It´s look great and easy to plug & play. The problem is that my openhab doesn´t recognize the zigbee thing. I do a scan of the network with zigbee and the led powered on and nothing is coming.

I´m using husbzb-1 as ember coordinator and the coordinator is online and I already paired a switch over Zigbee (also from Osram).

I don´t know if I´m doing something wrong… I also didn´t find some information in openhab.log about warning or faliures related to zigbee coordinator.

Thank you for your attention.

José Alberto

Are you performing a reset of the device when you do this? You should reset the device to allow it to connect to a network.

Thank you Chris,

I tried powered on before and during a scan. But didn´t tried to reset the device beeing powered on.
This was the solution, I performed a reset during the search and it worked!
One question for the future, there is some kind of software to know which nodes are connected with my coordinador or the only option is to go to the logs?

All devices that are known by the binding will be listed in openHAB.

There is no way to know what devices are connected to a network. Unlike other protocols like ZWave, ZigBee doesn’t retain this information in the coordinator. A ZigBee network is more like a Wifi network in that respect - a device can connect to the network if it has the password/key, and it can then use the network. The binding remembers devices that have joined, but that’s really the only information that is available.

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