Problem with zwave multisensor battery

@Nicholas_Waterton moving this to a separate thread so I don’t hijack the lock discussion…

What is “everything”? Are the other devices battery powered as well?

Generally, it shouldn’t say routing is true for battery devices. If you’ve ever run the multi sensor using USB, then I would seriously consider excluding the device, and re-including it to make sure it’s configured correctly.

Yes. I don’t know a lot about it, but basically a device will wake up more often and listen for the ‘beaming signal’. This is a less efficient way of operating a battery device, but it’s a LOT more responsive (effectively, instead of waking up every hour or so, it wakes up something like 10 times per second, just long enough to see if someone wants to talk to it, so it looks like it’s awake permanently).

It gets marked DEAD if the controller doesn’t receive a response to a command. This doesn’t mean that the device never received the command - if the response gets lost, or maybe if the battery is low it can still receive messages, but it might not be able to send the message back. I’m not sure of the reason here, but this is perfectly ‘normal’ (maybe not ‘normal’, but perfectly explainable, if that makes sense?).


Yes I should not be so imprecise (I work in tech support and “it always does this” or “Y doesn’t work” drives me batty also).

Regarding the battery devices and routing: using Habmin 1.4, the info field for all my battery devices shows routing as “true”. The only exception is my minimote remote (in scene controller mode) - and for that it doesn’t recognize the device - Manufacturer, device and type are all “UNKNOWN” so I’m not sure I trust what it says. It works fine though.

The battery powered devices I have are:

EcoNet EV-100 floor register (vent)
Everspring SE812 Siren
Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt (new)
and 4 Aeon MS6 ZW100 motion sensors

All report routing as “true”. Habmin2 reports the same.

All of my battery powered devices report routing true as well, in Habmin2.

Same here, true in Habmin1, true in Habmin2

Must be a bug in HABmin then… It’s probably worth looking in the XML file to see what that says as I’m pretty sure that will indicate correctly.

XML shows: true

for a battery motion sensor

Ok, maybe it’s a bug in the binding then :wink:

I don’t think it matters as the binding doesn’t use this - it just reads it from the device. I will however take a look to see if there’s a mishandling of this…