Problemme de variation knx

Hello everyone !!
here I can not vary my bulbs
I have a txa213
with in ets 5
txa 213: 2.1.5
on off 0/3/1
variation 0/3/2
state 0/3/3
light indicator 0/3/4
illumination value 0/3/0
in open hab

Dimmer type: center_chambre_parents "Parents room" [switch = "0/3/1", position = "0/3/4", increaseDecrease = "0/3/2"]

I manage to go on off. I have a percentage return when I vary with a button with openhab I vary I have a percentage return but nothing happens
someone would have a solution thank you for your feedback

Any errors or clues in the logs when trying to control the bulb?

In the english documents I can’t find this notation.

The Communication objects for the first dimmer channel:

0 ON/OFF                       (is 'switch' in openHAB)
1 Dimming                      (is 'increaseDecrease' in openHAB, but will not work as intended, as openHAB can't do start-stop dimming, so relative dimming will not work)
2 Brightness value             (is 'position' in openHAB)
3 Timer                        (does not apply for openHAB dimmer channel)
4 Priority                     (does not apply for openHAB dimmer channel)
5 Scene                        (does not apply for openHAB dimmer channel)
6 Status indication            (could be used as second GA in 'switch', but shouldn't)
7 Brightness value inidication (should be used as second GA in 'position')

So, you have to link CO 0, CO 2 and CO 7 to the dimmer channel. Furthermore, it is best practice to set autoupdate="false" for the item linked to the channel.

thank you very much for the info!
its walking!
it’s been days that i try without success: smile:

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