Problems getting a door contact sensor to send a notification


Im fairly new to OpenHab and ive been trying to extend my current setup by adding a door contact sensor. I’ve added the new sensor and PaperUI picks it up and has added it as a Thing o.k. It is showing as Online. Ive tested the sensor and by moving the magnetic strip away the LED lights so its definetely works o.k.

Ive added this line to my .items file

Contact BackdoorSensor “Backdoor Sensor” {Channel=“zwave:device:xxxxx:node11:sensor_door”}

my .rules file shows

rule "Backdoor is Open"
        Item BackdoorSensor changed to OPEN
        logInfo .... (this works from my smoke sensors)
        sendNotification ....(this works from my smoke sensors)

I checked in PaperUI and the link is created as per screenshot below.

Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated. :vulcan_salute:

Solved!!! Even though I assumed the sensor was added successfully with OpenHab it wasn’t! I pressed the button inside the sensor to wake it up and repeated a few times and I noticed the Log stating the device had been updated in Open Hab to Online - even though OpenHab states it is showing as Online.
Logs now showing BackdoorSensor OPEN and CLOSED and now getting notifications. Oh I soo love OpenHab! :laughing: