Problems in connecting Things/Openhab3 to MQTT

Hello from last 3 years i have been using openhab2 for my projects but never got issues of connecting openhab to mosquitto broker. My whole setup is working fine with openhab version 2.3 but i thought of moving to Openhab 3, but is it worth migrating to newer version ?

Project: Simple controll of NodeMCU on board LED from Openhab UI.

Coming to main problem.
I have established broker connection with openhab using UI interface provided with openhab3. But after few minutes it tells me its offline. Once its offline, i need to go to the mosquitto broker terminal and need to press any button (input), than only above connection of broker to openhab gets online (that too for few minutes).

Prob: Connection is offline

My Moquitto broker terminal:

My Openhab terminal:

Now when i get this issue, I press enter in the mosquitto broker running terminal and the connection between Openhab and broker comes Online.

Broker Terminal:

Openhab3 Terminal:

How to solve this issue ?

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