Problems mapping rollershutter to mqtt topic

I have a blinds thing (mqtt/homie) which wants a percentage between 0 and 100.
This is linked to a rollershutter item.
When I change the item it gets a value between 0 and 100 however it is coming out on the mqtt topic as a float between 0.0 and 1.0. I can’t understand why this is the case? Any ideas?

This is the homie which the thing is auto-created from:

homie/blinds-1/dimmer/$name Dimmer
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$name Dimmer
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$settable true
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$retained true
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$unit %
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$datatype integer
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$format 0:100
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/dimmer/$tags Lighting,Dimmable
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/$type dimmer
homie/blinds-1/dimmer/$properties dimmer

Please post the source code of your blinds Thing.

This is what I have in the code tab.

UID: mqtt:homie300:9819227ecd:blinds-1
label: Living Room Blinds
thingTypeUID: mqtt:homie300
  deviceid: blinds-1
  removetopics: false
  basetopic: homie
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:9819227ecd