Problems sitemap after update 2.5

After Updating to OH2.5 and performing all the extra steps as per release note, my sitemap stopt working. Even if I set the changes back. I also cleaned the catch as was suggested in some posts.

Textual Configuration

All add-ons (including UIs) now use the openHAB configuration namespace. Because the openHAB namespace is the default namespace, update the add-on configuration files in the services directory by removing the namespace from the keys. For example replace org.eclipse.smarthome.basicui:defaultSitemap=demo in services/basicui.cfg with defaultSitemap=demo .

Also an older problem is that when I switched form RPi towards a mini pc with ubuntu 18.04 I lost the log viewer the latest logs where from September when I changed over and put a back up of OH2.4 on it.

Can someone help me with this?

You’ll probably need to explain that a bit more. Which UI? What does that say? What does openhab.log say about the sitemap?

I will have a look after x-mas. Thnxs for you reply and merry x-mas😁

Hello rossko57

I had the opportunity to have a look but after 23 September there where no more log’s in openhab.log. The sitemap that doesn’t work is mij default “home.sitemap” via BasicUI.

Because I can’t see the log, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Also the rules I made in the rules-folder stopped working.

Luckily I have a dashboard in node-red to switch everything and I made also some flows which work.

Also the strange thing is, it says openhab 2.4 in header of the tab. But when I update towards 2.5 in terminal it says it’s already been updated to 2.5.

If you want to fix anything else, that might be the first thing to sort out.
It all sounds rather broken, and sitemap is the least of your worries.