Problems with association commands for Popp z-weather or z-rain

Hi colleagues,

I have bought the popp z-weather device to open the blinds when there is heavy wind.

According to the device and z-wave binding documentation, z-weather is sending a command on all devices in association group 2 when there is heavy wind.

Unfortunately, the roller shutters in group 2 only close instead of opening. According to other posts in other forums this can’t be changed.

Now my question: did anyone still realize a solution for such a scenario with popp z-weather or z-rain to react on heavy wind or rain and send a specific command to another z-wave device?

I could also use the rules function for the velocity item but this is being updated not frequently enough.

I am running on openhab 2.5 and would like to control fibaro roller shutters when there is heavy wind.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Wouldn’t it be possible to add your OH Z-Wave controller to association group 2 of your Popp device to get the BASIC_SET value from the Popp device into OH and then into a rule?

That is a valid option. However, I am not sure how to grab the basic_set value. I have the Controller already assigned to association group 2.

Would we have to add a channel (switch_binary?) to COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC for



for this to work?

@chris are you able to help here?
Many thanks in advance.

Sorry for the slow response - I’ve been away with extremely limited internet access over hte past 12 days or so.

Please can you provide a log showing the report that is sent by the device so we can work out how to handle this. Probably as @Ap15e suggests we can add a channel here, but I need to understand the data that is sent to decide what type.

If the manual is correct :slight_smile: , ‘too much wind’ should generate a BASIC_SET 0 (as long as the command associated to group 2 hasn’t been changed by an ASSOCIATION_COMMAND_CONFIGURATION …). There doesn’t seem to be a BASIC_SET for ‘no/normal wind’ though.

Please enable DEBUG level (see ZWave - Bindings | openHAB), make a storm :slight_smile: and post the log to the forum.

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Then an OnOff channel is probably fine - and you would get an OFF command received in this event.

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