Problems with configuring Twitter action

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I have recently rebuilt my Openhab installation and everything is working fine, except the Twitter action. Previously, I had the Twitter action installed & working perfectly. No changes in any configuration items, rules, services, etc. But I can’t remember all of the steps that it took to get it authorised.

I have installed the action and it generates the message in the openhab log giving me the twitter api authorisation URL. I have a twitter account which I was using previously.

When I copy & click on the URL, I get the following response from twitter:

"You don’t have access to openHAB
Please return to openHAB to continue the signup process.

Since, what I am trying to do is to Openhab to use Twitter, this message is obviously true, but unhelpful. When I go to my Twitter account - nothing is obviously different or missing. When I go to the Openhab URL, it just is the standard one - which is not helpful.

The instructions in the help section of the Openhab Twitter action installation just assume that once you have provided the token via the URL - you get the PIN in response. I just get the unhelpful message.

Any suggestions as to what I am missing or doing wrong or where to look ?


That makes it sound like something has shifted on the twitter side.
Can you post the URL you used?

Thanks for making contact. The last URL that I used was:

1. Open URL ‘

Obviously, they expire quickly so it won’t produce exactly the same results now that it did then.

Let me know if you have any insights or suggestions for tracing/debugging?


A similar problem! Help!