Problems with ELRO AB440 compatible outlets

For some weeks I am trying to get 433 MHz outlets to work with my Raspberry Pi and ultimately openHAB. I started tinkering with Brennenstuhl outlets but quickly realized that I cannot use those very effortless, since they are utilizing generated codes that I wasn’t able to decode.

I then went and bought ELRO AB440 compatible outlets with DIP switches. I am able to read the commands sent by the remote and was able to send commands via 433Utils. I was able to verify the codes I’m sending with the receiver running. The decimal code is the same when I send it with the remote and with the send tool from the raspberry. Also this verifies a working tx module.

The outlets are switching on and off when I’m using the ELRO remote from the set, but I cannot seem to switch them with the Raspberry. Distance is not an issue, since i placed the outlet several centimeters from the tx module to verify this.

Any ideas to get this working?

Without knowing what you have done, it’s impossible to find the problem.
There are many examples for that
It’s not a openHAB specific problem at the moment.

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Look for wiringpi or rcswitch.
Or use Tinkerforge if you don’t want to program or solder. supported devices