Problems with homekit switchable feature on switch groups

Hi community,

i have a problems with homekit integration on 2.5.5. Since first homekit use i configured some temperature sensors and switches. The temp. sensors work fine but a switch have problems. I have a switch group named deko. In the group are 5 switches. The group item deko get the tag switchable. This works fine for me since the first use. Now, after upgrading to 2.5.5 the switch won’t work. I get error messages that the item has no OnState, but i didn’t change something. If i put the Switchable tag to the single Items, they appear in homekit. But i want to switch all items on one single button in homekit. Has anyone an idea? Thanks for help!

PS: I tried the meta configuration but i didn’t check it ^^

Greets, Christian

As far as I know, groups can’t have a “switchable” tag.
But you can group the switch items in iOS.

You can also group together accessories, like lights, to control them as one accessory.

Hi ljsqure,

thanks for reply. I tried it with the use of scene. It works but i can’t switch the scene over siri, only with a button. With openhab 2.0-2.4 i could switch it with siri and as a device/item. It would be nice, if the feature will work in future again.

Thanks again for quick help! Greets, Christian

in 2.5 we had a major redesign to add support for optional characteristics. now an accessory can have different characteristics and Group item is used to group them.

i never tried myself but try to add following to your group definition instead of the tag [“Switchable”]
{homekit=“Switchable, Switchable.OnState”}

I dont have a big hope that it will work but who knows.

if it does not work, please share your group definition and will check whether we can make it work.

You can use Siri with scenes, as far as I know. I say very night “good night Siri” and something magical happens. But that’s not what I meant.

You can group switches as one. Long press a switch, click on de clog wheel (right below) and click on group accessories.

An other tip, apart from the group question, you can use HomeKit bridge: HomeKit holy grail: homebridge-openhab2-complete
I like the fact that my openHAB items won’t need any metadata or tags. You configure a more powerful json file and you’re done.
I must say, I’ve used it because of the minimal support op OH 2.4. I haven’t compare it with the new functions of OH 2.5.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: Thats really a very nice community!

@yfre My items configuration is stored in the database. With the migration from 1.x to 2.x i switch it from .items file to database. I configure the tags, etc. over the Rest API. I don’t know, if this was a good idea or it is recommend in 2.5. Anyway i tried your solution with {homekit=“Switchable, Switchable.OnState”} but it not worked. There was no new device in homekit and no messages in the logs.

@ljsquare I tried it again to switch the lights in the scene over siri, but it answered it could not control scenes. I tried your Group idea with long press on a device and it works. Thats exactly the same as before with the group switch. Thats a very good alternative.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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