Problems with IE / Edge browsers


I use a simple items file (modbus.items) like this:

Number MB0 “Temp [%.2f °C]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:0”}
Number MB1 "Feuchte [%.2f %%rf] " (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:1”}
Number MB2 “H²O-Partialdruck [%.2f mbar]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:2”}
Number MB3 “Taupunkt [%.2f °C]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:3”}
Number MB4 “FKTemp (nicht vorh.) [%.0f]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:4”}
Number MB5 “H²0-Dichte [%.2f g/m³]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:5”}
Number MB6 “Mischungsv. [%.2f g/kg]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:6”}
Number MB7 “Enthalpie [%.2f kJ/kg]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:7”}
Number MB8 “Tau-/Frostpunkt [%.2f °C]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:8”}
Number MB9 “Leer [%.0f]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:9”}
Number MB10 “CO² ung. [%.0f ppm]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:10”}
Number MB11 “CO² [%.0f ppm]” (ALL) {modbus=“eehtc:11”}

My sitemap looks like this:

sitemap mymap label=“My home automation” {
Frame label=“Demo” {
Text item=MB0
Text item=MB1
Text item=MB2
Text item=MB3
Text item=MB4
Text item=MB5
Text item=MB6
Text item=MB7
Text item=MB8
Text item=MB9
Text item=MB10
Text item=MB11

With basicui and classicui both look good in chrome.
Basicui in IE11 looks also good - till the first refresh (value change).
The formatting gets lost on all values!
Instead of a line:

ICON Temp 24.62 °C

I get

ICON Temp 24.62334948884

No more unit display and the %.2f is also ignored.

When I use classicui it looks better - but after a few seconds the whole browser freezes (also switching tabs no longer works).
This happens in IE11 and Edge.

Just a side note, why would you still use IE? :slight_smile: