Problems with numerical values in input cards

  • Platform information:
    • openHAB version: 3.2

I have now setup my Modbus TCP pulse counter (Adam 6250) and I have some issues with the input cards where I want to give an offset value for the pulse counters. The screen shot below shows the problem:
Screenshot 2022-04-03 083004

When I type a decimal number in the input card I get an error message saying “Please enter a valid value”.

Code for the input card is:

value: oh-input-item
  inputmode: decimal
  outline: true
  sendButton: true
  type: number
  validate: false

I have checked the number format in Control panel and “.” is the correct Decimal symbol. I have also tried to use “true” for validate but no effect. When I click the Send-button the value has been updated when I reopen the page. Also the Items page shows that the input value has been updated. Any ideas what is causing this nuisance?