Problems with OneWire hang ups

I have a working OpenHab system at my home. OpenHab is installed on Windows and also I have a Raspberry - a OneWire temperature server (it is owserver on port 3131). Also I have a heating elements, that are controled according to the temperature readings.
The problem of OpenHab is - when connection of openhab with temperature server fails - old temperature numbers “freezes” inside the system, temperature didnt change. I found it out after some monthes of normal working, but I was lucky not to have overheating, because heater continue to work according the old temperatures.
Please help to solve. The only solution I see - is to check all temperatures every 15 minutes with its old numbers, if nothing changes I can generate an error to turn off heater or restart openhab. But I dont like this solution.
It is a bug I think. On such error values should be undefined, or some special out of range value.
OpenHab version is 1.8.3

Number KuhT1 “Kitchen 1 [%.1f °C]” (Temp) {onewire=“deviceId=28.B93A4906000014;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=10”}

It is not a bug, it is working as designed. For example, if I have a smoke alarm, should it restart openHAB and reset my alarm Item’s state to undefined if I haven’t had a fire in my house for a long period of time (I am becoming a better cook)?

However, there is a simple and easy way to deal with this in Rules. See:

and see the following for a slightly simpler way to do it if you only have one or two Items to keep track of:

Both work on the same principle. Set a Timer and every time the sensor reports reschedule the timer. When the sensor fails to report for a certain period of time the Timer triggers and it will send you an alert and do whatever else you want it to do.