Design Pattern: What is a Design Pattern and How Do I Use Them

What Is a Design Pattern (DP)


A DP is a concept borrowed from software engineering that is in turn borrowed from architecture. A DP is a general and reusable solution to a common problem. But the solution is not complete. Instead it is a template that one can apply to a lot of different situations with minor modifications and customizations.

The DPs posted to this forum will usually include a complete solution as an example implementation of the DP. But do not assume that the DP is only applicable in that specific example context. A DP is generic and should apply to a number of situations.

Finally, a DP rarely stands alone. They are often closely related to other DPs and many solutions will include multiple DPs, sometimes within just a few lines of code.

What a Design Pattern Is Not

As mentioned above, a DP is not a comprehensive example. They are a template that one can follow to solve a given class of problems one may encounter while developing Rules.

The example code that is included with the DPs may not be fully explained. The purpose of the example code is to illustrate the DP only. But since the DPs are only templates and not complete in and of themselves, the example code will necessarily include additional code.

What Should I Know to Use a DP

Because a DP is not a complete solution, the reader needs to possess a few skills in order to apply them to their situation:

  • the basics of how to define Items and use them in Rules code
  • Rule syntax
  • the ability to follow a block of Rules code and understand at a basic level what the code does
  • the ability to recognize and deal with code in a block that is not fully explained or defined in the DP text (e.g. reference to Items not defined in the current DP)
  • the ability to generalize an example to multiple situations


The DPs may include JSR223 versions of the examples or even solely consists of only JSR223 versions. In those cases, the Helper Libraries are assumed to be in use.

Current Design Patterns

EDIT: Reworking all the DPs to reflect changes in OH 2.3.
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