Problems with Rollershutters integration with Google assistant

I am using openhab 3.3M2 on a raspberry pi v4 thanks to an openhabian image and I am trying to add Google Assistant functionality in connection with openHAB.

I can switch on or off several lights with Google assistant but I cannot operate my awnings.
The rollershutter devices are recognized in my Google home app but I cannot control them. When clicking the device in the app, only a configuration page with name and roomhint appears.
When trying to sync, the assistant writes that he cannot find the two rollershutters.

Reading the google assistant docs for the openClose trait I noticed that secondary user verification should be used (In my first attempts I did not activate that option).
When I activated the option in the ga metadata field, the rollershutters appeared in google home app for a while, even though I could only fully open or fully close them.(they appeared as a switch)

After a few attempts with different configuration options (inverted option, changing type to blinds) the rollershutter were not controllable anymore, even with the configurations that previously worked.

I tried unlinking and relinking openhab from google home. I also removed all ga metadata, synced google home and the re-added ga metadata, but the roller shutters are still not controllable.

Is there something else that I can try?
Thanks for your attentions

Here are my configurations

    Thing topic tasmota-tenda-su "mqtt-thing Tenda su" @ "Mansarda" {
        Type string : reachable "Reachable"     [ stateTopic="tele/tasmota_tenda_su/LWT" ]
        Type rollershutter : position  "Position"      [ stateTopic="stat/tasmota_tenda_su/SHUTTER1", commandTopic="cmnd/tasmota_tenda_su/SHUTTERSTOPPOSITION1"]
        Type number : tele "Tele"               [ stateTopic="tele/tasmota_tenda_su/SENSOR",transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Shutter1.Position"]
Rollershutter TendaSogg       "Tenda Soggiorno"  <blinds>  (gEquip_TendaSogg,gTendeDimmer)
     ["Control"]  {channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:tasmota-tenda-giu:position", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[scale=true,scaleSteps=5,scaleSubSteps=4,min=0,max=100,releaseOnly=true]}

The response to the rest API query of the metadata for the item is as follows:


"metadata":{"ga":{"value":"Awning","config":{"pinNeeded":"1234","name":"tenda soggiorno","ackNeeded":true,"inverted":true,"roomHint":"soggiorno"}}},"editable":false,"type":"Rollershutter","name":"TendaSogg","label":"Tenda Soggiorno","category":"blinds","tags":["Control"],"groupNames":["gEquip_TendaSogg","gTendeDimmer"]}

While yesterday no rollershutters was reachable from Google home, this morning one out of two rollershutters is there and can be controlled. Interestingly, it is the one configured as blinds while the one with awnings cannot be controlled.

I changed the second one type from awning to blinds and it now can be opened or closed, moreover the percentage of opening appears.

I already noticed this behaviour in my early tests yesterday, but when I tried to confirm it by changing again their type, both rollershutters were not reachable anymore.

Still, when I sync devices I get an error message that two devices cannot be found, no matter what type is set (but now I can operate them and I see the status in Google home). On the other hand, the other three switches are found and no errors occur. It therefore seems to me that there is some kind of configuration issue specific for awnings.

Finally, I cannot directly set the percentage: I suspect that this is how rollershutter is implemented (like the rollershutter widget).
If this is the case, I will try to see if I can use a dimmer item instead.

I tried to give a voice command to open awnings, sourcing the percentage and it actually worked.
Therefore, from used point of view, it works as intended (even though I have to set it as blinds)