Problems with the discovering of an Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus thermostat


I’ve problems with the full discovering of a thermostat from Eurotronic in the PaperUI of openHAB 2.5.10. At the end of the discovery process the message “This device has not been fully discovered by the binding…” was displayed.

After the first try, I made the mistake of adding the thing in the inbox first and then excluding it. I think the exclusion worked in the thermostat because after that the node ID was no longer displayed in the display of the thermostat. But to be on the safe side, I did a factory reset afterwards.

Only in the inbox of PaperUI does the thermostat still live with its original node ID. So my first question is how can I remove this entry?

Then I tried again to discover it. It was shown in the inbox with a second entry (same code but different node ID) and again it was not fully recognized. I read that this is normal with battery devices, but I haven’t had these issues with other battery devices.

I’ve also read that the device needs to be woken up several times before the device is fully recognized. But I don’t know how to wake up the device.

Is it an automatic process?

How can I speed up this process?

Is it possible to add the missing information manually?

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PS: The thermostat is not far away from the Z-Wave stick.

As far as I can remember there was a problem with this device in the database.
I think 2.5.10 and 2.5.11 are concerned.

Excluding and factory reset is always a bad idea as you have now one or more ghost devices on your controller.
Best is to (only) delete device and rediscover.

You can either wait on 2.5.12 or install a snapshot of the z-wave binding.
I decided to updated to OH3 where the Spirit is also in the binding again.

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That is correct. The easiest way to update the binding in OH2 is to use the script.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

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I’ve just started building my Smart Home system and I must move OpenHAB to another system. Therefore I’ll try to install OpenHAB 3.0 on the new system to fix this.

I read that it is possible to update the configuration files of the existing installation. Is it better (or even necessary) to update the current installation first and then move the OpenHAB directories conf and userdata to the newly installed system with OpenHAB 3 or does the update also work directly on the new system?

Another option would be to set up the new system and use the remoteopenhab binding to get the OH2 Items on your new system. You could then migrate Items, rules, & the UI at your leisure without a major cutover to OH3.
Later, for Z-Wave for instance, you would just need to get the binding going and change the Item linkage to complete the functional migration.

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In OH2 I used the inbox in PaperUI to detect things and automatically associate them with “Simple Mode” first. This was easier for me to find out the characteristics of things. After that I made manual bindings in the items text files, deleted the automatic bindings, and made some sitemaps by hand. Right now I only have one rule to test how rules are working, so rules don’t need to be moved to OH3.

Do you know if the items files and possibly the sitemap files in OH2 and OH3 have the same syntax?

How can I move things (for which I don’t have any text file definitions) from the old OH2 system to the new OH3 system if I go the way you suggested?

I upgraded from OH2 to OH3 with just a few little issues which were solved within a few hours.
I have to thank all developers and maintainers for this smooth upgrade!
I really appreciate their hard work!

If you have just started and a few items and rules and sitemaps only I would go the same way.
The system behind remained for me nearly same.
All things, items and rules and sitemaps are still present and functional, same as in OH2.

If you read the new documentation for OH3 and upgrade then you are on the latest system which is maintained much longer as OH2.

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OH2 Items are exposed to OH3 as channels of the server bridge Thing in OH3. You can then link the OH2 Items to OH3 Items and use OH3 rules to control.

Later. move the controller to OPH3, install the binding, and discover /add the device Things through the UI. you can then change your Item links from the OH2 bridge channels to the proper Z-Wave Thing channel.

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