Problems with the uicomponents Sitmap

A few days ago I migrated my Openhabian to version 3 and fell in love all over again. <3

Unfortunately, there is one point where I can’t get any further without help.

I want to write my new sitemap with the new Web-interface. In the setting of “Pages” I wanted to insert a Webview URL with Height = 10 for the Android App. Unfortunately, Openhab throws a severe error in the log afterwards:
2021-01-22 20:45:17.443 [ERROR] [omponents.UIComponentSitemapProvider] - Cannot build sitemap Home2

java.lang.ClassCastException: class java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to class java.lang.Integer (java.math.BigDecimal and java.lang.Integer are in module java.base of loader ‘bootstrap’)

at org.openhab.core.model.sitemap.sitemap.impl.WebviewImpl.eSet( ~[bundleFile:?]

at org.openhab.core.ui.internal.components.UIComponentSitemapProvider.setWidgetPropertyFromComponentConfig( ~[bundleFile:?]


… The sitemap file from Openhab 2.5 has accepted the webview element.

An addition. Without the “Height” variable it works. Unfortunately, it is then only one line high and cannot be displayed.

There are a few things that the sitemap builder does not yet support including visibility and color. I’ve not seen this reported as one of the unsupported things but it very well could be. You’r best bet is to file an issue on the openhab-webuis repo.