Problems with trigger channels, astro

I seem to have a problem with triggering rules through the astro sun events. I see the triggers in the logs, but my rule does not fire.
I am running on openhabian on rpi4, latest stable.
As the channels are not selectable in GUI right now, I had to make the code by hand, which might be cause of the problems.

configuration: {}
  - id: "1"
      thingUID: astro:sun:local
      event: start
      channelUID: astro:sun:local:night#event
    type: core.ChannelEventTrigger
  - id: "3"
      time: 17:57
    type: timer.TimeOfDayTrigger
conditions: []
  - inputs: {}
    id: "2"
      message: Nachtbeginn getriggert
    type: notification.SendNotification

Maybe someone sees the mistake in my rule code?

Thanks for any help!

The event that takes place is either START or END (not start) :slight_smile:
But of course the first thing should be to ensure that you can configure the whole rule without typing code (i.e. chose thing and channel from list. The event itself (START or END) has to be typed in manually…

Thanks, believe it or not, I just had the idea of caps after typing the question and am waiting for night to trigger :smiley: .
As far as I know the issue of thing trigger channels not being selectable in gui is a know issue currently.
EDIT: works perfectly

At least with openHAB4.1.0 it’s working flawless here.