Problems with UI behind nginx-proxy with Google-Chrome

im running since long time openhab (this time 4.0.3 but problem appeared before too) behind nginx with private authentication with certificates. I have the following problems:

  • sometimes some parts of ui are no more clickable. im pressing then ctrl-F5 and mostly it works again
  • sometimes no more reaction and also ctrl-f5 also not getting this to work and all is hanging.

I also checked F12-Console but did not get out the problem. But most requests staying then with 0 Bytes.

At this time when chrome hanging i can go by firefox to page and all works fine. Firefox seems not have this kind of problems.
From my point of view it is not a really a openhab problem but i hope someone knows this kind of problem and could give me a hint what to look for…

here what i got out in meantime:
the Problem on chrome which shows errormessage “waiting for available socket” seems to be related to usage of websockets und permanent connections. It fills up the available connections after some time when new connections are appearing and old connections are available.

in “location” section of nginx-configuration you can add

    proxy_read_timeout     60;
    proxy_connect_timeout  60;

to avoid this.