Problems with widgets

I’m new to OH and haven’t started to make my own pages yet so I’m using the pages created automatically by OH. I’m wondering why my stepper card widgets are not shown in the locations page. The screen copy below shows the widget I have created for one Item.

The widget is not shown in the locations page (see attached screen copy):

Code for the widget:

value: oh-stepper-card
  fill: true
  item: Eteinen_T_set
  max: 30
  min: 15
  round: true
  step: 0.1
    - role:administrator
    - role:user

Both Items have stepper card widget so I’m wondering what I’m missing. Any ideas?

You need to define the list item widget metadata as the item is represented as a list item in the locations tab.

Great, many thanks. This solved my problem.