Problems with xiaomi gateway V3

Hi i am running OH3 on Win10.

the xiaomi Binding stops working every few days.
If i disable and enable the Bridge - Thing , it continues to work for a few days again.
Can i create a rule or something else that restarts the thing everytime it goes on error or offline?

Exception in thread "XiaomiSocketReceiveThread(9898, 7c49eb88d54f)" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not a JSON Object: "\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000"
        at org.openhab.binding.mihome.internal.socket.XiaomiSocket.receiveData(
        at java.base/

with regard to restart of a binding from within a rule have a look at Tutorial: Restart Binding from rule

If you just want to restart the thing, send an HTTP request to the REST API. To authenticate the request, you’ll need to allow basic authentication in MainUI and create an API token. Put the token in a variable in your rule, and then call the variable in your HTTP request.

Here’s a good explanation for defining the API token variable.

Your HTTP request will look like this:

sendHttpPutRequest("http://openhab-IP-addess:8080/rest/things/INSERT-THING-ID-HERE/enable", "application/json", 'true', headers, 1000)

true enables the thing, and false disables it.

UPDATE: This work up until OH 3.1, but in OH3.2 you need to change application/json to text/plain.

You can trigger a rule based on a thing’s status changing, but I wouldn’t bother. Instead of waiting for it to fail, just use a cron trigger to disable/enable the thing on a schedule.

Of course, this is just a workaround that doesn’t actually solve the issue of the gateway going offline. I don’t use the Xiaomi binding, so I don’t know if that’s typical/expected behaviour, if it’s a bug that you should investigate with the developer, or if it’s a sign of bigger problems with your system.