Problems with Zigbee Things and Phoscon/Deconz


i migrated from my Raspberry PI 3 to a Raspberry PI 4 4GB. I have a “Raspbee” Gateway and installed Deconz/Phoscon to communicate with my Zigbee devices. Most of the devices works without problems, but some of them dont react. 1 Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor, 1 Old Xiaomi Motion sensor, 1 old Door Sensor, 1 old Temperatur sensor and 1 Osram Smart-Plug.
Yesterday, with the rpi 3 all devices works fine. Today, with the new Raspberry the wont update/react. I have deleted the devices from the Phoscon-App und wanted to pair them again, but the app wont find them. I have no idea what i can do. I cant find a special Phoscon/Deconz forum, so i try it here. I hope someone had the same issue and can help me.

Why are you not using our Zigbee binding?

This is not compatible with the Rasbee module. Unfortunately. The author of the binding currently does not want to support the module either.

SOmetimes changing things like this requires a reinstall of all the items. However you should not need to.

If you have not, phoscon has a backup and restore for moving to different machine. I would suggest using the backup on the pi3 then restore it on the pi4.

The reason you are most likely having an issue is because the sensor ids changed in the deconz rest api.

I used the backup from RP3. The devices do not work in the Phoscon UI either. If I delete them there, I can’t train them either. Nothing will happen.

If the backup didn’t work then something else could be wrong.

You will not be able to retrain unless you reset the devices. This is because devices can only be linked to one coordinator at a time. The id of the coordinator must have changed, but the backup restore should take care of that.

I would post to deconz people as this lies in their realm. Need it working in phoscon before it will work in openHAB.

One last thing that I did have problems with is whether deconz is seeing the gateway. Have you launched deconz to verify this and or does phoscon show the gateway connected.

Most devices work without any problems. Only 5 of almost 40 cause problems. Then I will ask deconz if they still have an idea. Thank you very much.

Edit: I remove them from deconz and try to reset, but it wont work… how i can reset the motionsensors from xiaomi?

I see that users raise their questions e.g. with regard to Conbee II stick here:

I am using Conbee II stick in a docker environment on a cubietruck.
Had problems to get a Smart Motion Sensor ( Osram ) paired as it was paired with an Echo Plus before. The problem was that the instructions that I found to reset the Motion Sensor were not correct. Instead of pressing the button on the sensor for 5 seconds the batterie had to be unplugged the button pressed and the batterie inserted again. After this it was possible to pair the devices.

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