Process arbitrary GA commands with OH2?

With the demise of free unlimited IFTTT I have been able to use OH2 to satisfy most of my Google Assistant command needs (turn on XYZ, turn off ABC, unlock YYY, etc.). But IFTTT also let me set up arbitrary phrases to trigger actions.

Can I use OH2 with the default support to process arbitrary commands in Google Assistant (like “do the hustle!”)?


You can create “routines” in the Google home App. You can trigger these which customers phrases. See some screenshots:

With ifttt ist was possible to set a trigger string like “Tagebucheintrag $” and a voice item. When you say “hey Google, Tagebucheintrag: heute ist es schön” to Google Home the command containing the ifttt Trigger “Tagebucheintrag” was directed to ifttt and the text after the trigger represented by the $ was sent to the openhab string Item f. e. Voice_Command_Text
A rule with a changed trigger was then able to process the Text “heute ist es schön”. With this ist was possible to so everything you want with rules without being limited to specific actions.
Since ifttt ist blocked there ist no way to so simmilar stuff.
So we need away to so this without ifttt directly with the openhab google assistant connector.
Does anybody know how to implement this. Ist would bei great to get this flexibility back. It must be possible because is was possible for ifttt, too.

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I was searching for something like this too. For example to “turn off the TV in 15 minutes” where the 15 would be the $

With IFTTT you still can create 3 routines, right?

Ifttt allows 3 routines in the free plan but openhab items are not accessable anymore using cloud. Changing a routine looses item selection - so be careful If you have a working ifttt openhab routine.
Is there a service that can be used instead that has a openhab cloud connector and is able to transfer google assistance voice commands as text to an openhab string Item?