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Hey everyone!

I’m a Product Designer (not huge, but 5 year solid work experience), and would like to volunteer to help on the general design of the openHAB applications. I would love to help on development too, but I have very little experience with writing code itself. :smile:

I have looked for it here on the forum and on the Contribute page but couldn’t find any clue on how interfaces and interactions are planned/designed. The app itself seems to to use the Material Design framework, but thats just my guess.

Let me know if any help on the design side is necessary :slight_smile:


Here are some screenshots of the upcoming openHAB 3 which will feature a new Interface as far as I know.

I don’t know how the development is going and if the developers need help.

But I am glad to see a production designer offering his help.
Im my opinion this aspect is often missing in open source projects.

Many thanks for the response Christoph!

It’s nice that we’re already having the new interface, and sure, we could work only on what makes sense to avoid developers re-work. We could think of prototyping a more friendly version to the less tech-savvy. Maybe a review on the Homepage, there a few adjustments to enhance readability there, for exemple. Many options open, from planning/prototyping to delivering design specs itself :slight_smile:

@ysc, is that you on this embedded tt thread? Would you, please, bring us some light on how design is done and if help is needed? (I hope its fine to mention you here without prior pm)

Hi @pedrogualandi, and welcome to openHAB!

Developers drop in here to make announcements and help users, but development conversations typically happen over on Github. So, I’d suggest picking it up there.

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here is the git where you can follow the action

Yannick is a little bit shy about this forum but he loves input on the new interface
it is awesome!!!
thanks for your offer to help and welcome to the OpenHAB community!


More specifically I usually read and respond faster to email notifications: mentions, things I subscribed to… and don’t “randomly” browse the forums so much :slight_smile: (also, have been in holidays these last few week and just catching up now).

Well, the new web frontend is pretty much a one-man development effort to be honest, so since I’m calling the shots it’s mostly my own ideas that tend to be integrated, especially if they’re unchallenged… there are a few design-related threads I started on GitHub though, the intent of which was to collect feedback prior to implementation:

Of course everyone is welcome to offer ideas and influence the general direction, although, in all humility, it will all depend on the willingless of the already opinionated developer (singular, for now) to do the implementation :wink: .


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