Profile with MQTT2

Actually I have rules for light but I want to try profile feature but actually I can’t get it work.
This is my 2 items :

Dimmer   MilightBureau_Level             "Niveau plafonnier Bureau" (gBureau)                  {channel="espmilighthub:rgbw:001:0xb58d2:level", channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:objets:Bureau_Interrupteur" [profile="follow"]}
Switch Bureau_Interrupteur "Interrupteur du Bureau" (gInterrupteurs, gBureau) {channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:objets:Bureau_Interrupteur" }

But when I toggle button I can only see Bureau_Interrupteur changes in log.

According to the docs the follow Profile causes one Item to follow the state of another Item, not another channel link.

I think you need to provide the other Item as an argument. unfortunately I don’t know the name of the argument. I’d guess it’s be named “item”.

[ profile="follow", item="ItemToFollow" ]

This means the other channel will have to be linked to a different Item.

It doesn’t work !
But are you sure we have to add a item to follow. According to smarthome doc, my first syntax seems to be correct :

I think I miss read the docs on the openHAB side.

I’ve not used follow yet so I don’t have any ideas eject to check events.log to see the events.

Have you been successful? It looks like I’ve run into the same or at least very similar question (see here). The follow profile does not work or works different from what I understand from the docs (the latter being more probable, I guess).

No it doesn’t work as excepted… Perhaps @David_Graeff can help us ? or @Kai ?

Have you tried it with profile default? I found that this works best, yet unfortunately not in all cases.