Profiles with JSONPATH and filtering

im running an bashscript which is getting me a json with some events. This works fine and gives me an array back which im writing into a string item. The json is ordered by date.

    "id": "5729296",
    "id-sort": 5729296,
    "name-sort": "gugus",
    "id": "5729297",
    "id-sort": 5729297,
    "name-sort": "bla",
    "id": "5729298",
    "id-sort": 5729298,
    "name-sort": "thirdevent",

Im linked now a second item to that whith Profile JSONPATH
$.[?( =~ /.*thirdevent.*/i)]
The idea is to get out The nextevent which matches the eventname.

But it does not work, stays NULL and also the log gives no hint.
Someone has an idea?

im a little bit further because i got out now a path which gives me an array:

$.[?( =~ /.*whattosearch.*/i)].lokalitaet
["Mehrzweckanlage", "Mehrzweckanlage", "Mehrzweckanlage", "Mehrzweckanlage"]

But it does not work to attach an [0]to get only the first. Any idea? The function “first()” i was also not able to use