program#currentClimateRef value not updating on a climate hold

OH3, 2 week old install, with a new ecoBee 4 lite.

Perhaps this is by design, but my string ProgramCurrentClimateRef, program#currentClimateRef, is not updating when I perform a climate hold. For example, I can send an “away” hold, and it is accepted as confirmed on the thermostat. However the item ProgramCurrentClimateRef says “home”, the state before the hold.

ProgramCurrentClimateRef will update under non-hold conditions as the thermostat performs it’s programmed schedule. In my case, alternating between “home” and “sleep”.

If this is the expected behavior, then how do I tell what climate is currently active? Is there another channel I haven’t discovered?

My new thermostat is otherwise performing as expected!

I’ll take a look and get back to you.

In the scenario I tested, I did the following in a rule:

    val ecobeeActions = getActions("ecobee","ecobee:thermostat:account:XXXXXXXXXX")

The program#currentClimateRef always seems to contain the current climate ref associated with the schedule, irrespective of whether a hold is in place.

      "program": {
        "currentClimateRef": "home"

In the event, however, the holdClimateRef does show the climate ref that’s in effect as a result of the hold (assuming the hold was set using a climate ref).

      "events": [
          "holdClimateRef": "away",

And I saw the item linked to the events#holdClimateRef channel get updated.

2021-01-17 12:49:39.271 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'E1_Event_HoldClimateRef' changed from UNDEF to away

Hope this helps.

Thanks, that’s the behavior I get too.