Program to read logs

The more I delved into openhab, the more things I achieved (thanks to the community) but also errors began to appear in the logs.
So what I’m looking for is a program to read the logs from my PC. That there will be the files from the shared unit, that will allow me to open openhab and events simultaneously.
Frontail is not an option, it only show few hours before and i nedd to redd several day.
So program you use? and why?

There are a lot options out there depending on how you would like to explore your logs.

Easiest one would maybe be to open the log files with VS code and one of the log plugins for syntax highlighting. This is how I started and it already gives some options to analyze the logs.

But when it comes to more advanced log comparison I decided to switch to a dedicated log store.

I had a look on the elk stack (elasticsearch logstash kibana) but found it a little overkill and very complex to set up.

So I ended with loki + promtail & grafana as frontend which I’m already using for graphs.

All my openhab (and other) logs are collected by loki and can be analyzed with the grafana explore feature. It is not so hard to set up as elk and needs less resources. On top I use frontail to have a quick look on live logs.

I’m really happy with this combination atm.

thanks seems bigs, but at this point i need something simpler. I will probably need to scalate in the future but at this point I need some more that frontail and vs code.

I’m using Tailviewer and it works well for what I need.

It’s perfect.
Can you tell how to merge source, i read that you can,but I can’t find the option

pd: nevermind, i found it. Thanks

Just to throw some others in the ring:

  • LogExpert (that’s what I’m unsing)
  • BareTail
  • mTail
  • WinTail

It doesn’t solve you exact problem, but I use multitail. There’s even a syntax highlighting config for openHAB: [multitail] color scheme for openhab logs. But it doesn’t open the whole file, it’s more for watching logs in real time.

One nice feature is you can use ssh to tail logs on some other machine.

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