Project title: Lighting system control with motion/presence sensors and wearable!

Hello everyone, I am a university student and I am currently working on my undergraduate thesis. The project will be about lighting control with motion/presence sensors and some kind of wearable. I am currently using a raspberry pi 3b with openhabian, as central hub of the home automation I am building. What I am trying to do in my thesis is to have couple of wifi led RBGW bulbs, that will be controllable from my phone with openhab2 application.
Additionally, I would like to add in this simple smart home automation, motion and presence sensors so the lights will turn on automatically in a room once someone enters the place and keep them active while someone remains in that room. It’s also worth mentioning that, my sensor must be able to recognize if the motion detected in the area is human motion, animal (e.g. cat, dog), or anything else (e.g. wind coming through the window or a ball from kids) and only turn on the lights in the case of a human. Also, I would like the lights to remain open while someone is in the area and switch the lights off the moment he/she leaves that room.
About the wearable I mentioned earlier, I would like to have an additional way to turn on and off the lights. With the use of an NFC wearable (let’s say the people living in the house wear a bracelet with an NFC attached on it), I would like to do the same thing my motion and presence sensors will be doing.
Furthermore, I would like to add an additional feature in this home automation, I would like to add some database that stores data about the lights usage and then visualize these data, so I know the power used (daily/weekly/monthly) and the hours of the day the lights are on/off in daily basis.
Something else I would need to add is a standard schedule for the bulbs to turn on and off (e.g. some specific hours of the day).
Another feature I will add to my thesis is some trigger, that will turn on the lights when the alarm of my phone starts. The lights should start at low brightness (e.g. 5% – 10%) and increase over time.
I am really open in any suggestions or ideas on how I would achieve or even improve my current thesis goals.
Currently I am trying to figure out what hardware I should buy (wifi bulbs, sensors, anything else required) in order to be compatible with openhab2 bindings. I have some bulbs currently in mind, but I am open in any proposals.
Last but not least I will need to make a big research about the sensors I will need and about the NFC system I am going to create, so please don’t hesitate, toss in the table additional ideas, to help me a little bit with my research!
Thanks for your time reading my post.
Any help with be highly appreciated!

@John_Zarlas you will find almost all answers regarding hardware in this blog if you search around.
ITEAD devices, WIFI bridges, hue lamps, DIY solutions with ESP8266 all work for the lights and the latter for quiet a few sensors.
OpenHAB provides built-in persistence that matches your requirements for databases.
Judging from the experiences of others, presence detection may be your biggest problem. Just search for this and you will find a lot of discussions that involve networks, bluetooth beacons, a few NFC ideas, movement sensors, wasp-in-the-box approaches, door sensors and others.
There does not seem to be one sensor that really fits the bill.

All the rest, is fairly straight forward, just read the docs and pick the binding that works, add some rules and you have all you need.

Good luck

@lipp_markus I will continue my research. Thanks for your reply!

Right your problem will not be the lighting HW and control but presence detection.

I gave a presentation on Smart Home Day a week ago, here’s a recording of that session.

I’d suggest you try to deploy the FIND system, see also this thread.

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@mstormi thank you for the information shared. I really appreciate your help. I will check them out and come back with possible questions if any.