Project:Wireless switches, with higher WAF

For now, I have ditched my old project with the box and the two outlets. Instead I am focusing on some pre-made 433MHz switches, with my own electronics in.

So far I got the houses I am going to use, measurements of everything, a plan of attack, and I even executed the plan, so far without any major issues.

Now I just need to go over it again, and again, and again, and then once more.

Nice work, i didnt found a bipolar relay with 3,3V for my project so it is a normal relay.
I have add more fuses, one for the 3,3V (self reset), one for the power unit (1A) and one für the switches (6,3A).
The power unit got a varistor too, like recommended from manufacturer.
I can sleep better with this…


I am adding two temperature switches (TS1 on the pcb), the relay got its current rating at 65c, I am going to add a switch which will tell the esp to turn the relay off at 45c, then there will be another at 50c, which the mains will run through, and if it trips, everything is turned off, just in case there is something wrong with the esp or relay and they fail to disconnect.