Project Without hardware

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a openhab project for my college work. We don’t have any sensors or similar hard-wares for this. Could you please share your simple ideas for a project which can be done using simulators, lap and my phone.

Take a look at this add-on binding which will let you simulate lots of different devices and setups as if you had the relevant hardware:


You can create as many dummy items as you want - and all the rules related to them. :thinking:

This would enable you to model, for example, an apartment. Create some lights, create some thermostats, create some rules to switch lights on / off, maybe based on sunrise /-set (astro binding)…

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Thank you for the reply. I will try with this.

Sorry. I’m not completely clear with your answer. Do you have any sample project to share?
Thank you for the suggestion.

I would recommend using the mqtt generic binding to fake hardware as it will allow you to script the “hardware” separately. Example, you create a light mqtt thing with a single switch item. Then you can run a script in a terminal on your laptop that listens for mqtt messages, so that when you switch it on in OH, the listener will just echo to the terminal “switch so and so changed state to X”.

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You can also include webservices into OH like weather, gas price, train timetable etc

If it’s just to get “into the mood” start with some generic Web-based bindings, which don’t rely on hardware like:

with that you can show/learn how to use location based services and use that within openHAB.

I’d also recommend installing/using openHAB on a Raspberry Pi with openHABian: openHABian | openHAB
So, you have your laptop (and others) to use for the above network binding.

If you know how to use MQTT, I’d recommend setting up an MQTT-App on your laptop, which can send MQTT-messages and let openHAB then use them and/or send to specific topics:

If you like, you can use the GPIOs from the Raspberry Pi to lets say control some LEDs or other GPIO-based inexpensive hardware:

I don’t know, if there’s someone on this forum, who conducts some handson learnings, perhaps they would have more detailed learning material or a setup already handy? but for that I’m afraid your topic doesn’t fit: perhaps change it so something like: “Learning material for openHAB” or something in that area…