Proof-of-Concept: TypeScript Rules for openHAB and extended JSR223 engine

Hello Community,

I’m working on the JSR223 rules for a while now. My goal was to use TypeScript to create my rules. The JSR223 support in openHAB is an excellent start. But unfortunately the implementation has some limitation for module based scripts. That was the reason why I’ve created an extended JavaScript Engine bundle.
The second part of my project is the TypeScript rules. For that rules I’ve created an example project for Visual Studio Code/ node.js

This post is just for information, maybe other community members had a similar idea.

If you are interested in this topic just have a look at both github repositories.

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Just for information, I’ve extracted the type definition files from the rules project. So it is much easier to use the type definitions for your own projects.

It was not a good idea to recycle my old thread to the TypeScript rule topic. The old stuff has been replaced by a jsscripting version.