Provide binding for broadlink pro

To make it easier to control the whole Home Ir devices easily…need to bind it with the openhab its very cheap and used to control all ir device and device can send signal in 360 degree so its a best ir device compatable in home automation.Advance Thanks…

Apparently it’s very difficult to integrate to, but you could use these tools on an Android device, and then integrate that into openHAB using the HTTP Binding.

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Thanku sir I will check it out…

sir did there is any other method to bind the broadlink to openhab…

I only found what I sent, but if you can research other programattic API access to the device, there might be something. Could you contact the manufacturer directly, and tell them that they would probably sell more devices if the integration prospects were better?

Sir I currently found an broadlink sdk and by using that sdk i develop a app to work on the wi-fi level and i want to integerate that app to openhab so i can use it with openhab…can u give guide line so that i can know how the open binding platform working…

I would recommend you follow the link How to Implement a Binding. It would seem that a “broadlink SDK” might allow you to integrate directly between Broadlink and openHAB without an intervening app. But if this SDK is binary only for Android, for example, then it would obviously require an Android device to be part of it (which is a bit of a shame if true). Perhaps the vendor could provide information on how to communicate directly with the Broadlink, or does the SDK already provide that?

yes It provide how to communicate to broadlink but through use of APIs there is no clear vision for that how actuallly it do it when i am serching i always get to an end point as file who actually does that work.

It’s too bad the SDK providers require the use of a binary library instead of the ability to communicate directly from Java code. How that binary library fits into use by a binding depends on where that binary library can be executed. Best of success to you!

sir do u have any about it…

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question!

sir do u have any idea about it…how to use an .so file or crak it…

Contact the manufacturer and ask for API documentation. If they disallow integration, find a competing product that does allow it. Please do not suggest violating license terms here or you may be disinvited from this community. Best of luck to you!

Thanku sir

I would love a binding for this also.

My fans are on RF so my harmony cant control it unfortunately. Would be buying a broadlink rm pro soon.

There is a broadlink app for Android and tasker. The app itself will integrate with the stock broadlink app. If you have an always powered on android device it will serve as a server that accepts HTTP Get requests which can be incorporated into items in OpenHab. This is my setup to control rf fans and rf plugs. A much cheaper alternative and so far works in all areas of my 3000sqft house with the Broadlink in the downstairs corner. Much further reaching than expected. It does take a little more time to setup, however after the first couple it is a relatively simple process to expand.

I saw that actually but don’t have an always on android device. I can put it into an always on docker container though.

I may go ahead and buy the RM Pro. I only have 8 fans to configure so I think it should be fine. I may try your suggestion first.

Thank-you for the tip :wink:

I just purchased the RM Pro from Can’t wait to get it.


It arrived! I purchased from (they have terrific service I have found recently after buying a beelink gt 1 tv box previously).

It arrived within 4 days from china with express post. Amazing.

Set it up but yet to configure it. This should be fun!!


I’m not sure if this will work with RM Pro (I’m using RM3 Mini), but I’ve made a small python script for it, using python-broadlink package. You can find it here:

It can be used to learn IR commands, and then replicate/resend them on request.

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