Provided: Dynamic icons (SVG+PNG) for motion detector

The icon for <motion> which comes with the current distribution is not usable for dark themes in the Android app as well in the basic UI (And: It’s not dynamic).

I’ve changed the default icon to work on bright and dark themes. Example:

I raised a pull request for it. Not sure if this will considered being merged someday Just merged:

If not (or in the meantime), here are the modified icons for download:

motion.svg and motion-closed.svg: motion
motion-open.svg motion-open
motion.png and motion-closde.png motion

motion-open.png motion-open

The grey is #A0A0A0 and the red is #CC6666 if you want to match the value color in your sitemap the colors used in the icon, e.g.:

Frame label="Bewegung" {
    Text item=Motion1 valuecolor=[OPEN="#cc6666", CLOSED="#A0A0A0"]
    Text item=Motion2 valuecolor=[OPEN="#cc6666", CLOSED="#A0A0A0"]