Prowl with time stamp


I tried to include the time information into a pushNotification (prowl).

My item looks like this (and will be displayed correctly in my sitemap: e.g. 12:45)
DateTime Zeit “Zeit [%1tH:%1$tM]” { ntp=“Europe/Berlin:de_DE” }

But I struggle with the syntax in my rule:
pushNotification(“Debug-Trigger:”, “Es ist (”+ Zeit +")") // this is for prowl push

But it’s returning:
Es ist (Zeit (Type=DateTimeItem, State=2015-10-26T 12:45:25))

I’m at work so can’t check, but don’t you need to use Zeit.toString?

or probably better Zeit.state

Sorry yes, Zeit.state.toString is what I meant.

Thanks for your help! - I figured it out.
But actually I wonder if it really must be so complicated just to add the actual time to a push notification.

rule “Debug Trigger Alarm”
Item Trigger_SW changed
if(Trigger_SW.state == ON) {
var Date_tmp = Zeit.state.toString.split(“T”)
pushNotification(“Debug-Trigger:”, "Es ist: " + Eventzeit.state) // this is for prowl push