Proximity Sensor Control - Driveway

Can anyone point me to some sensor or device that I can attach to a vehicle or keychain, that is personalized so that when, say, my wife pulls into the driveway, the system recognizes her and automatically sends a signal to my home automation system to deactivate my alarm system, unlock the doors, and do other control operations such as lighting, temp, etc.? Thanks!

That is not exactly what you have asked for, but if she has a smartphone, you could use geofencing to do that. Search for Owntrack or querying the Find my iPhone API (icloud).

Hmmm… Interesting. I have our Vista-20P panel setup with TotalConnect doing geofencing right now. You’re right, that might be a good solution! Maybe I can use that signal if I can figure out how to mine it. I’ll check out Owntrack. Thanks!