Proximity sensor

Hi have the following use case, but I am do not know which hardware I could use.
I want to do the reverse of the park distance control of a car. By reverse I mean that I want to set it up in the garage and depending on the distance between the sensor and the car, I want to change the color of a hue lamp (green to red).
Ideally the sensor should be able to return the exact distance and it should not require fixing something on the car.
If it would be KNX that would be awesome. Furthermore, I want to avoid DIY set but could still be an option, eg RPi with GPIO and sending values to MQTT.
Did anybody else try something like this?

Look for ‘ultrasonic distance sensor’ on *bay and combine them with an Arduino/ESP8266 to map measurements into MQTT.

I’m working on something like that David. Even thou you stated DIY wasn’t your first choice, things like this seem perfect for DIY and even if you aren’t a electronics hobbyist, you might enjoy fiddling a little with it (I have)
As Marcus mentioned, I am attempting to use an ultrasonic distance sensor with a nodemcu (esp8266). My idea is to mount it inside the front door to detect when someone enters or leaves. I like your idea of using a color bulb to change color. It will interface with OpenHAB using MQTT
I have several other sensors interfacing with OpenHAB using MQTT. That part was easier then I thought and I have that working well.


Hi. Long time no feedback, but I followed your advices and started playing around with nodemcu and HC-SR04 I must admit: pure awesomeness in these little boards for such a low price!
I had a different picture of this DIY and board programmings but it’s far from being complicated.
So thanks again that you made me curious enough with your comments :slight_smile:

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