Proxy switch to mirror existing switch?

i have a proxy switch that is mirroring (basically) an existing z-wave switch. my z-wave is controlled by vera, and i’m using a proxy to try to do some other stuff via rule before deciding whether or not to flip the switch…the problem is that if one of my vera plugins turns the switch on, the proxy switch in openhab doesn’t mirror that status (i.e. it will still show the light as being off). is there a way to get openhab to correctly set the proxy switch to the current light status before rendering?

edit: i figured out how to have a change in the existing switch change the proxy switch…but the GUI update isn’t reliable unless i reload the page (or go back to home and then back into the group). any way to get the GUI to update more reliably?

If you are on OH 1 this is a know issue that has been fixed in OH 2.

i seem to have it working pretty reliably now by removing spaces from the display name in the sitemap. found that as a potential workaround in another thread. we’ll see how solid it is going forward…