PST02-A Philio Sensor and light control by association group 2


I am trying to finetune the behaviour of my PST02-A sensor (combined motion and door sensor) for light control via association group 2.
At the moment the motion sensor turns on the light via association group 2 and also switches it off after the turn off lighting time correctly. So far, so good. However, as the door sensor is also active (I want the door sensor to report) opening and closing the door will always switch off the light. But I want only the motion sensor function to control the light, NOT the door sensor. At the same time I still want the door sensor to report status (open/closed) to openhab.
I have already tried numerous combinations of parameters 6 and 7 but whatever I do - either the door sensor stops reporting and stops switching or the door sensor reports but - at the same time - also switches off the light (what I don’t want).
Does anyone here have any experiences with that device and its parameters? Thanks in advance!

Why don’t you switch the light directly from openhab and remove the light from association group 2?

Switching the light directly from openhab works of course (had this before).
But I want to try to configure a solution where the combination of motion detection and switching the light also works even if the openhab server is not available. That’s why I am testing around with associations, which I consider an interesting feature within z-wave-networks.