Publish items to Smartthing

Could it be possible in some way to publish openhab items to Smartthings. Then can I do some funny things in my phone e.g turn on lights when wake up alarm goes off.

I don’t know about SmartThings, but the openHAB Android app can react to alarm times. I’m not sure if this works on iOS.

I also use Tasker (again on Android) to send commands via the openHAB app, and to trigger actions on my phone when it receives notifications from openHAB.

I am using Tasker and the android app but with this it is more work to get this features.
It would be an extra feature to use Samsung funktions out of the box.

Then I think you’re out of luck. You can access a SmartThings hub from OH, but I’ve read nothing about exposing OH to the SmartThings interface.