Pull requests and time to get in

I have a ISY binding ready for a pull. It is all good to go again and Mr Jenkins is happy. What is the timing to get it in as I want to focus on making it better not just keeping it sane for a pull request.

I also intend to look at OH2 for this binding and doing the new magical IDE installation at the moment. What is changing for the OH1 and OH2 bindings in git as I need to get ready for it.

There is a resource constraint on reviewing pull requests. I’m sure that it will be reviewed as soon as possible. The new IDE setup is very nice, pulling all the pieces together from different repos, and formats and cleans up code so future formatting changes are minimal.

I saw plugins are broken out in the install. Are the bindings, etc being moved to separate git repos from the main application? If so should I move things over to that or will existing structure be migrated.

Was out so have not played with new structure in IDE yet.

Hi, @sytone - I see you’ve resurrected the tdiekmann ISY binding…

I’m very happy to see this happening. I had sent him a couple of pull requests with some updates/improvements, but I don’t think he’s active anymore. I’d been meaning to update it all and submit it, and I’m glad you’ve done it.

I added a few things to the original binding for my own needs, and I’ve been using it in production for 8 months or more. The main things I added are lock support (I have ZWave locks connected to my ISY) and “heartbeat”. Most of the battery-powererd Insteon and ZWave devices send a periodic heartbeat. I added a “heartbeat” type mapped to a DateTime that sets the DateTime to the current time when a heartbeat is received. It makes it easy to script rules if the DateTime is too old and flag devices that have gone away.

Anyway - if you’re interested, I’d love to get these into your tree and in line for the official distribution. Would you prefer that I fork your repo and send you a pull request against that, or wait until your pull into the main repo is accepted and go against that?

If you want to take a look, my repo is https://github.com/mw-white/openhab, and it’s the isybinding branch.

  • Matt

Fork and pull to my repo, ill get it in pretty quickly. Still waiting for OpenHAB to accept my pull. Just re-synced it yet again to keep it in sync.

Hopefully it can get in and then Ill look at OH2 updates for it.

Will do - I’ve got the changes made, but I’ve got to get my OH1 dev environment back up and running to test them.

I see the limitations on availability of maintainers and the time it takes for pull requests. But as someone trying to contribute it can be very frustrating if you’re waiting for weeks and weeks and don’t hear back on your pull request.

In my case there are some more issues

  • There are a couple of other people having the same issues and I need to instruct them how to manually replace jars with my custom build jars (and that’s only the ones mentioning the issues and not directly leaving after it fails)
  • If you have more fixes you want to build on top of your first fixes/pull requests it blocks you or makes it very complicated

I think you mean this PR, @tarioch? If so, could you comment there about how it’s risk of regressions is low? It would be great to have issues 3118 and 2358 fixed, and thank you very much for contributing!

As for fixes and improvements I am just adding them to the original pull requests. I am not going to let that slow me down, it just makes it a bigger pull.

It is blocking me from looking at OH2 updates for the binding however as one pull to maintain at a time is enough.

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Hi, @sytone - I just submitted my PR. Please let me know if you see any issues with it, and let me know if I can help.

  • Matt

Thanks. I will review and get it in over the weekend

ok, have the pull in and doing build and validations now. looks great thanks, been meaning to add my water sensors in and laziness paid off :slight_smile:

Any update on when this binding might be pulled? What is the hold up? I understand there is a resource problem, but it’s a new binding so it’s not like it’s going to break previous sitemaps or anything. Is rigorous testing required in order to pull new bindings?

@sytone, do you have a wiki page for this binding yet? I would be happy to test it. Currently I use the HTTP binding with XSLT to talk to the rest interface on my ISY.



You can find instructions here. If you need a compiled jar let me know and I will place one for you to download.

I created a tracking branch and was able to build the binding without issue. I’ll try and test this weekend if I have time.


@sytone It looks like they finally did the code review - mostly cosmetics, but a lot of little changes. If you’d like some help getting all the changes incorporated, I can give you a hand. Just let me know what files to work on…

  • Matt

What is the status of the ISY binding? Can I use it with OH2?

Looks like there was one outstanding comment on the pull request. I will see if it can be merged in the coming days. In the meantime, there appears to be a test JAR you can try, and the PR lists success under OH2.