[pulseaudio] Detected names of PulseAudio sinks in OpenHAB 3.2.0 differ from the actual PulseAudio sink names

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When configuring PulseAudio sinks with the pulseaudio binding in OpenHAB 3.2.0, I make use of things definitions in text files. Therefore, I derived the respective PulsAudio sink names from the output of pactl -s localhost list sinks.

This name is, for example, raop_output.arm_7.local, so that I entered this name in my pulseaudio.things file:

Thing sink          wohnzimmer      "Wohnzimmer"         [name="raop_output.arm-7.local", activateSimpleProtocolSink=true, simpleProtocolSinkPort=4711]

However, when I had a look into the PaperUI, the INBOX reported that a thing named “raop_output_arm_7_local” can be configured, i.e. the same name, but where the dot . and the minus - is replaced by an underscore _.

I am now a bit confused about the naming that needs to be entered into the things file.

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It appears that the names of the PulseAudio sinks as reported by PulseAudio are correct, i.e. the names with . and - in the names.

However, as the automatic discovery of things in OpenHAB lists a different thing name because of the modification of the names these things are shown in the PaperUI’s Thing Inbox although they are configured.


The name shown in the inbox is based on an UUID automatically computed for the thing. It’s just an unique identifier, proposed by the binding, and you can use whatever you want.
This is, in your example, equivalent to the “wohnzimmer” you choosed.

The UUID, in openHAB, is very strict and cannot contains character other than alphabetical or numerical or the special character “_”.
When a binding propose a Thing for the autodiscovery service, it has to propose a UUID. In pulseaudio binding, it is computed from the name property, with all forbidden characters, such as “.” replaced by “_”.

For the “double” in your inbox, already matching the one you created by the configuration file : if you delete it from your inbox, does it come back ?
(The autodiscovery matching system is tedious and error prone, and frankly, not a priority (at least for me :sweat_smile: ))

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Hi Gwendal,

Thank you very much for your detailed explanations. As suggested, I removed the thing entries from the inbox. At least a couple of minutes later, they did not come back again. Of course I understand that this is no priority issue. However, as you know from my other posts, there are various issues that block usage of pulseaudio. Unfortunately, I have not enough background information to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant issues. So I rather report every issue in the hope that my observations help to find the cause for other more important issues.

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After restarting OpenHAB, the INBOX shows the removed things again.

Of course, no problem, you are totally right to report every issues ! As you suggest, it is better because sometimes small details can be a symptom and lead to a solution.
I don’t reproduce this issue for now. I suggest you use the “Ignore” option as a workaround, until someone take the time to check it.
I will try to check your other issues and maybe come back later to this one.