Push Notifications doesnt work anymore

Openhab 2.5.3 (Synology Docker)

Hey Guys,

since beginning of April (maybe april fool?!) my push notifications doesnt work anymore.
It appears to be since my update to 2.5.3

I am online in myopenhab and i can send succesful push notifications from myopenhab to the phone
My unchanged logic in rules (sendNotification) doesnt work anymore, also not my other tries with sendBroadcastNotification or sendLogNotification

I made sure that the rules are triggered by log entrys.
I dont find any log message about the notification (like an error message or so)

Any ideas?

Log file has some entrys about disconnected from openHAB cloud service (web socket close 1006, disconnected; xhr poll error; connection leaked) - but at the end it connects again and like now its online and still doesnt send push messages

SOLVED: I did several things so not sure which one did help but after the following steps push notifications work again

-> delete uuid and secret
-> restart
-> setup myopenhab again