Push notifications not working (iOS openhab2)

Is there any “global” issue with push notifications for iOS at the moment? I just trying to get some push notification when changing state of my contact item (magnetic switch in my case). Trying this for the first time. Using iPhone and Raspberry Pi 4 with month old openhabian and openhab 2. Web UI (local and remote) and mobile app is showing correct state changes. Push notification is logged in my https://myopenhab.org/notifications account UI but is not being pushed to my phone app. Though I can see status changes of the item in the app. This is my rule file:

rule "Door is open"
 Item DoorSensor changed
 sendNotification("my-registred-email@...", "test")

Sorry for false alarm. The issue is solved. I was not aware that I was using my iOS app in “local mode” connected to local network because my remote URL was set incorrectly to https://openhab.org
After change to https://myopenhab.org it is working as expected also with push notifications. After 2 day struggle I am happy AF.