Pushbullet binding howto

I installed the pushbullet binding.
In the thing configuration I added the API token and the API server: https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/users/me
but who can I send messages to pushbullet?
In the binding description I found the example:
val actions = getActions(“pushbullet”, “pushbullet:bot:r2d2”)
val result = actions.sendPushbulletNote(“someone@example.com”, “R2D2 talks here…”, “This is the pushed note.”)
That doesn’t tell me anything. How can I send a message to pushbullet?

users that are registered at pushbulet.

You need to use the command sequence as described in the docs. Of course an API key first needs to be downloaded.
Syntax then is:

val result = actions.sendPushbulletNote(“recipients-email-address-here”, “title of the message here”, “message here”

Recipient will be identified by his/her email address and the message then will be delivered either via pushbullet or via mail.

API was set in the OH thing definition.
Using the above syntax I get the warning: The value of the local variable result is not used
Nothing arrives at pushbullet

I had the same problem. I changed this line by skipping the first part:
This works for me.
What I don’t understand, is why repeating this line with other email addresses, doesn’t result in this message getting sent to other recipients (registered at pushbulet of course).

I still get an unspecified error.