Pushbutton under iOS always "on" after starting the app

I’ve defined a pushbutton (switch item with autoupdate=“false”).
On my web frontend everything looks fine.
But in the iOS app, I always see the button “on” (blue) when starting the app. As soon as I pressed the button once, it behaves the way I expect, not turning blue again.

Is this a bug - or is there something special I need to do in my definitions?


Am I really the only one who has this issue?

@digitaldan - I also have a similar behavior with two virtual switches which are only used to trigger rules. Altough they’re set to “autoupdate=false”, I see one of then “on” and the other one “off” when entering the page where both buttons are placed. As already said, the web frontent looks fine.
–> should I report a bug on github?

Is there a solution for the issue mentioned above?

I currently have in my items:

Switch SwitchKeukenSchuifraamLight “Switch Light KeukenSchuifraam” {autoupdate=“false”,modbus="<[slave3:0],>[slave1:0]"}

and in sitemap:

Switch item=SwitchKeukenSchuifraamLight label=“Switch Light KeukenSchuifraam” mappings=[ON=“On!”]

In the web interface everything is working as expected but the IOS app keeps the switch to ‘on’ when I switch on the light. As a result I need to press twice before it switches off again

Android is also behaving as expected. What am I doing wrong?


This sounds like a bug in IOS, I would first search open bugs, and open a ticket if its not already listed. there.

@digitaldan, I did post it on github bit doesn’t look like it’s gettting resolved. Do you see another solution?