Pushover - how to set the Message-Title


I started using the pushover action. How do I set the notification title?
According to the wiki, I can set an title when sending an url.
How do I set it when sending a normal message (as described here)?

The last pushover method signature includes a title parameter, so it looks like you would have to supply all 9 parameters in order to include a title.

…adding, it would be good to have one more pushover method signature that takes a java.util.Map<String,Object> of key/value pairs, using the defaults specified in openhab.cfg for missing ones. This would much simpler than attempting all possible combinations through multiple method signatures.

I’ve been waiting for announcements on Actions in OpenHAB 2.0 and want to rebuild the Pushover action from scratch. Depending on how actions are handled, I’m either going to move to array’s of parameters only, or have a parameter class.

That being said, URL Title and Title (actually meaning “Application Title”) are different concepts. Having a URL title is not needed if you don’t have a URL, and setting the other type of title can only be done from the config file with: pushover:defaultTitle without providing all params.