Pushover image support


Just read that Pushover now supports images, anyone skillfull enough to create a PR with this support? :innocent:

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I have a personal interest in that feature too. If I find time, I will look into it.

// EDIT: I filed an issue for the new feature.

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@cweitkamp May I be the “Trittbrettfahrer” here :slight_smile:
If you feel the interest, I’d also like to see the feature to cancel a message. Additionally it might be useful to retrieve the acknowledged callback data. https://pushover.net/api#receipt

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@ThomDietrich Of course. Sounds interesting. I will put it onto my TODO list.

The cancellation of a message should be possible but we have to introduce it as an APIBreaking change. Currently all pushover actions return a boolean value to indicate if the delivery of a message was successful or not. This return value has to be changed to String for those actions capable of sending emergency-priority notifications to return the receipt which is a unique identifier for the message. This is needed to cancel a specific message.

The acknowledged data will be quite challenging. We have to poll the Pushover API to access it. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is currently not possible with the ESH/OH actions API. Only when implementing bindings. And again we need the receipt idea for it. :wink:

I had the same API breaking change problem in mind…

You could define a new function (like sendPushoverMsg()) alongside pushover() and deprecate pushover() over time (I never really liked the ambiguity of the name). That would be a fair solution for all users…
On the other side it might be a bit short-sighted to exchange boolean for String now, which could be a limiting factor next time a new idea comes around. So the solution might anyhow be as easy as defining sendPushoverEmergencyMsg()


Regarding acknowledged: I was not yet sure what to use it for… so don’t sweat it. :smiley:

I second your suggestion. New actions named sendPushoverEmergencyMsg() - skips the priority parameter and returns the receipt as String - and cancelPushoverEmergencyMsg(). I’m going to write down our thoughts in the issue.

// EDIT:

I’m going to write down our thoughts in the issue.


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While at it, maybe add other sendPushover...Msg() functions to be in sync with the new approach? Also I wonder if “Msg” should be exchanged by “Noti” or similar.

Other action bundles use sendMail(), sendTelegram() and so on. Maybe only sendPushover() and sendPushoverEmergency()?

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Excellent point. I’m a sucker for consistency :wink: :smile:

For me it’s the opposite: I try to keep consistency and stringency all along the way. :sweat:

Nice to hear that someone will implement the attachment feature. Now I’ll be able to view my ipcam snapshot directly when someone is at the door :slight_smile:


I would also love to see the glances API implemented. It would be best to have a snippet on my Apple Watch…


Is there already any progress regarding the ‘push images’ feature?

Sry, not yet. Too busy in the last couple of weeks. But my points on the TODO list reaches this one.

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Nice to hear! thanks :slight_smile:

this would be great for door open = snapshot on phone. looking forward to this!

Just wanted to throw the hat in the ring and say that I am super keen for this feature to be implemented into the Binding.
So happy you are working on it. Looking forward to it!

there is already a PR for it: https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/pull/5527

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As it looks like the documentation hasn’t been updated yet… can you help me out with quick example code…?
EDIT-> Ok, just learned what a GitHub Pull Request was…

Let me know how you go!

Can I download your GitHub PR files and test them in my openhab? @andre77

Nice! thanks!

If we need to test the new binding, I’m willing to try. Just provide me the jar file :slight_smile: