Put Icons in directory (png and svg)

Hello Everyone,
I would like to put custom icons as shown here but I can’t put the icons in this directory! Could someone guide me to put icons (classic or dynamic) in the ‘icons’ directory?
Thanks in advance.

What did you try and what does not work ?
Do you have a problem because you do not know how to put a file onto the system or is your problem because of permissions with the target directory ?

I tried to go there via ssh but I don’t know exactly the command to put, I also tried to read the SD card on Windows, I couldn’t find a directory, on MacOS, even thing. So I will say that my problem is that I don’t know how to put a file onto the system !

In case the samba/SMB service is active you can use a shared folder.
You also can use e.g. sftp client like part of the putty package or scp to copy files from one system to remote system.
scp localfile user@remotehost:/remotepath/remotefile

scp localfile1 localfile2 localfile3 *localfiles4* user@remotehost:/remotepath/remotedir/.

Thanks! I will try.